Ladies Voices: Stein In Play, a Tell not Tell Collective production

By Gertrude Stein (with contributions by Miranda Huba and Nita Bowerman)

Ladies Voices: Stein In Play was an evening of six short pieces comprised and sourced from the works of Gertrude Stein. Stein is a woman of great courage and boldness who stands out as a model of free thought for the twentieth century. It is her spirit of rebellion and her search for essential _expression that makes her work relevant in contemporary society. She demonstrates the nececissity of reinvention. She has opened up a discourse surrounding women in literature and the world, in which artists and intellectuals of the present time can engage in ways that continue to be meaningful in both content and form.  Tell Not Tell Collective created an environment that reflected the landscape of our evening with Stein; from first mention, to first sight, to first words spoken, to last, and beyond. In Paris, in the 1920's and 1930's, Stein's home was a hub of social and artistic activity. Stein's salon hosted many of the important artists of her time, including Cezanne, Matisse, Picasso, Hemingway, Pound, and Duncan, to name but a few. Tell Not Tell  created a similar feeling of contemporaries gathering in a social environment


DIRECTORS/ DESIGNERS: Nita Bowerman, Miranda Huba,

Lindsay Reoch and Kirsten Slenning

CAST: Nita Bowerman, Simon Driver, Miranda Huba,

Lindsay Reoch and Kirsten Slenning

VENUE: Hycroft Manor / 2005