Since 2004 the members of TigerMilk Collective have been working together as collaborators.  All trained at Simon Fraser University, the six members have continued to be drawn to each others' working styles and shared artistic vocabulary. Through these projects, the current members of TigerMilk allow each other to explore different roles in the theatre.

The collaboration started in 2004 with the 4-5-OH production of Sky , by Connie Gault, which Delachanal directed. This production featured Huba and Slenning as actors, Drummond as Production Manager, and Reoch acting as ASM.

The collaboration continued in the spring of 2005 when Delachanal directed the acclaimed production of Michael Springate's Freeport, Texas at Tinseltown Mall, a play produced by Delachanal, Hayes and their colleague Kristian Ayre. "Balletic is the only way to describe the staging… director Olivia Delachanal keeps the staging inventive in a sometimes languid, sometimes dynamic, slightly sexual and always potent manner" (The Vancouver Courier). On this project, Huba was assistant director, Drummond and Hayes were performing, Reoch was working on lighting, and the relationship continued to grow.

In the fall of 2005, Reoch, Huba, and Slenning collaborated on Ladies Voices: Stein in Play in which selected works of Gertrude Stein were performed and directed; this production by the Tell not Tell Collective (which included Nita Bowerman) also featured original writing by the ensemble based on works of Stein.

In 2005, Delachanal approached Huba about writing a play for three women. After workshops, and an intense writing period, the experimental work Hospital City was created. "…what a clever writer Huba can be…. The actors are skilled…Kirsten Slenning impresses with her vocal resourcefulness" (The Georgia Straight). Hospital City , performed in 2006, starred Slenning, Reoch and Drummond, and was directed by Delachanal.

After this last production the Hospital City team met, along with Stephanie Hayes, our European member, and decided that since the six women kept working together it seemed not only important but essential to start a company, and thus TigerMilk was born.