an uneasy play of the under-known

By Anne Washburn

TigerMilk, along with guest director Joanna Garfinkel, staged Apparition: an uneasy play of the under-known by American playwright, Anne Washburn. Here the playwright describes this unique work:

"Modern ghost stories alternate with bouts of fake Latin. The story of Macbeth is told and retold; waiting to go on, the actors playing the witches hold a head count and discover they are one too many. Demons appear in suburban back yards and reappear elsewhere in another narrative. A couple, in an attic, can't decide if they are alive or dead.

Apparition uses stories, fragmented voices, challenged language, stage superstitions, discontinuous narratives, and the guileless pleasure of the supernatural to create a world which is intelligible, but not fully comprehensible."

~ Anne Washburn, New Dramatists website

Combining Washburn's sometimes intricate, sometimes pedestrian language, Garfinkel's dynamic staging and TigerMilk's keen use of physicality and risk, the show was a parade of powerful text and visual intensity.

DIRECTOR: Joanna Garfinkel

CAST: Simon Driver, Lindsay Drummond, Miranda Huba, Lindsay Reoch and Kirsten Slenning

VENUE: PAL Theatre / 2008