Stupid Little Girls

By Olivia Delachanal, Kirsten Slenning, Lindsay Reoch, Miranda Huba and Lindsay Drummond

“No one will ever find us because we will be so well saturated in society, spread so thinly. We will find ourselves passed through the bodies of the people, on the lips of a stranger, and on drugstore shelves."

Stupid Little Girls was TigerMilk Collective's first original creation and was developed as a reaction to the events of the missing women from the Downtown Eastside. TigerMilk's perspective was that our city's darkest realities can appear localized and distant, but their sources can actually be identified within our selves. Stupid Little Girls took place inside of a stripped living room where five women are trapped with their own contradictions; their dreams and nightmares reveal how they each struggle with their many layers of identity. The intertwined stories progressed through various devices of metamorphosis – mask, singing and dancing– capturing the overwhelming effects of our image frenzied culture. Stupid Little Girls was a clear example of the strong political content that TigerMilk wishes to explore. Combined with a curiosity for new theatrical forms Stupid Little Girls featured fearless writing and defiant performances.


DIRECTOR: Olivia Delachanal

CAST: Lindsay Drummond, Stephanie Hayes, Miranda Huba, Lindsay Reoch and Kirsten Slenning

VENUE: Blim Studios / 2007