Hospital City

By Miranda Huba

Hospital City is a Universal Fairytale/Nightmare; the play is a raw exploration of conscious clarity amongst a sea of trauma and horror. Our two main characters, Mel and Mia, travel to a city known as The Hospital in hope of finding “the cure.” Unfortunately, upon arriving at The Hospital, they quickly realize that “the cure” is not so readily available, and our two heroines discover that, “The worst pornography of our time exists in The Hospital.” The Hospital functions like any city in the world and soon the two women are forced to get jobs, pay rent and become functional members of the society, far from the all-inclusive resort they imagined. In this play we encounter with Mel and Mia the difficulties of finding the help and support necessary to get out of our addictions and psychological pains.


DIRECTOR: Olivia Delachanal

CAST: Lindsay Drummond, Lindsay Reoch and Kirsten Slenning

VENUE: Video-In Studios / 2006